If you have arrived here, we can say that you are quite interested in finding out what are the technical aspects that a wooden house “hides” and why it can be so safe. You will find out what our “recipe” is for providing a healthy lifestyle to people who adopt a wooden house in their lives.

The main reason why these houses are sought after is their resistance and durability over time (in addition to the quality of life they offer). Exterior walls and their structure must be chosen with great care, as we have some experience in the field.

Standard wall configuration with plaster

  1. Gypsum - cardboard (12.5 mm)
  2. Wooden structure KVH C24 (140 x 60)
  3. Basalt wool insulation (140 mm)
  4. Thermosystem with basalt wool (100 mm)
  5. Metal structure for plasterboard
  6. OSB/3 (12mm)
  7. Basalt wool insulation (50 mm)
  8. Vapor barrier sd = 100 mm
  9. External plaster (10 mm)

Interior wall configuration

  1. Wooden structure KVH C24 (100 x 6)
  2. Basalt wool insulation (100 mm)
  3. Gypsum - cardboard (12.5 mm)
  4. OSB/3 (12mm)
  5. Gypsum - cardboard (12.5 mm)

Floor plan configuration between levels

  1. OSB/3 nut - spring (22 mm)
  2. Basalt wool for soundproofing (200 mm)
  3. Metal structure for gypsum - cardboard (50 x 50)
  4. Gypsum - cardboard (12.5 mm)
  5. Floor joists from KVH C24 (200 x 60)

Framework configuration

  1. Tin covers
  2. Basalt wool insulation (200 mm)
  3. Envelope Ruler (30 x 45)
  4. Anti-condensation foil
  5. Basalt wool insulation (50 mm)
  6. Gypsum - cardboard (12.5 mm)
  7. Secondary wood structure (100 x 45)
  8. OSB/3 board (15 mm)
  9. KVH C24 rafters (200 x 60)
  10. Basalt wool insulation (100 mm)
  11. Vapor barrier sd - 100 m
  12. Metal structure for gypsum - cardboard (50 x 50)

Materials & Substances

The walls are offered in structural panels. The external walls have OSB plywood with installation made in the workshop, and the structure is made on professional tables. The fixing is done with special nails with a treated surface for a perfect chemical fixing in the wood.
The materials we use comply with the system promoted by APROCOR (ASSOCIATION OF ROMANIAN MANUFACTURERS OF WOOD-FRAME HOUSES) and EUROCODE 5.
The floor and frame are delivered cut to size. The components that represent the layering (mineral wool, bales – foil, boxes – OSB and paneling) are delivered in bags.
The wood is resinous and of high quality, being 16% dry and treated with ecological substances. Thus, its resistance increases in the case of mold, microorganisms, insects, or the accidental action of fire.
The wooden beams connecting the foundation floor and the concrete foundation are pressure treated in an autoclave.
The treatment is carried out by dipping/immersion.
Treatment substances are certified and approved.

About the offer and the way of collaboration

Offer & Parts

Offer & Parts

The price offer also includes the metal parts that fix the wooden structure in the foundation, as well as the metal parts of SIMPSON/BMF spatial connections.

Project & Execution

Project & Execution

Usually, the client proposes the architectural project to us, and our team carries out the execution project and the calculation of resistance - WOODENGINE / MITEK.

Foundation & Waterproofing

Foundation & Waterproofing

We recommend that the fixing of the resistance structure is done on a concrete foundation, and afterwards the customer should consider making the foundation and waterproofing it.


The client can request execution for different variants of the classic structure

The finishes can be executed up to the level desired by the customer (red / semi-finished)

The house is built on the foundation executed by the client

Applied Solutions

maisons en bois

OSB + Polystyrene

OSB + Spruce paneling

Steico wood wool 100 mm with mineral plaster


Steico wood wool 100 mm with ventilated facade

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Traian Industrial Park, Main Street, No. 118, 607635 Traian, Bacău, Romania


Traian Industrial Park, Main Street, No. 118, 607635 Traian, Bacău, Romania

Wooden houses are becoming more and more popular due to their durability and natural look. Log houses can be built in different styles and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: a wooden structure. Log houses can be built using a variety of techniques, including post and beam, exposed masonry, and stacked logs.

Building a wooden house requires special experience and skills to ensure that the structure is solid and durable. Log houses can be built from hardwood or softwood, depending on the design and use of the house.

Wooden houses offer many advantages, including excellent thermal insulation, a low carbon footprint and a natural aesthetic that blends well with the environment. Log homes can also be customized to meet the specific needs of the owners, be it a cozy mountain cabin or a stylish beach house.

Ultimately, log homes offer an attractive and sustainable alternative to traditional concrete and brick homes, with a natural and warm aesthetic that is hard to match.

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