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Logicassa Wood Houses

Do you want an authentic and durable wooden house? Logicassa is the reliable partner with over 10 years of experience in the construction of wooden houses.

We use the best materials and technologies to ensure that each project is sustainable and energy efficient.

Experience & Professionalism

We would be happy to learn more about your project and offer you customized solutions.

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Who we are?

We have been operating since 2005. We produce houses according to national standards and Eurocode 5, with specialized software. We produce in a hall equipped at the level of 2022 (high precision CNC machines). We only use certified materials (minimum C24 standard wood imported from Germany and Austria). We guarantee some of the shortest delivery times on the market. We are flexible, in accordance with the requirements of our customers. We have a diverse portfolio: individual houses, public housing, warehouses, industrial structures, tiny-houses, pergolas and gazebos, etc.

We deliver to Romania, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland.

We can also build “turnkey” through trusted collaborators.


The benefits of working with us

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The perfect choice

The numerous processing possibilities of this sustainable material allow us to use it to give birth to projects of the soul.

It helps you save

They are faster, easier to build and energy efficient.

It gives you the peace of mind you need

The structure of the walls ensures high sound insulation.

It successfully retains heat

Effectively thermally insulated, it will reduce your heating costs.

It is resistant to earthquakes

The elasticity of wood provides high stability in case of an earthquake.

It gives you a healthy indoor climate

Wood produces the anti-stress effect, ensuring healthy air.

It builds to your liking

Build mode gives you the chance to fully customize the project.


We build health-friendly wooden houses!

Did you know that a wooden frame house keeps you healthy?

If you are thinking of giving up the house made of concrete concrete, allow us to congratulate you! You are on the way to a much healthier life, which will improve your mental and physical state. Studies show that the most visible results among those who live in houses on a wooden structure are related to the stabilization of tension and the reduction of stress levels.

Houses built on a wooden structure bring you closer to nature, starting from the raw material itself.

It’s time to live in a healthy environment and eliminate the main cause of illness today, STRESS!

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A wooden house enhances creativity

A wooden house reduces pain sensations

A wooden house drastically lowers the stress level

A wooden house increases the ability to concentrate

How to build a wooden house?

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Exterior finishes

Internal thermal insulation

Customer installations and finishes

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OSB + Polistiren

OSB + Lambriu Molid

Vată de lemn Steico 100 mm cu tencuială minerală


Vată de lemn Steico 100 mm cu fațadă ventilată

Constructive Sketches


The sketch of the plastered exterior wall describes the wooden structure covered with a layer of decorative plaster, which provides protection against the weather and a pleasant aesthetic appearance.


The roof section shows how the wooden structure supports the roof and the thermal insulation and waterproofing details to protect the interior of the house from precipitation and temperature changes.


The achievements of the Logicassa team

We are proud of our achievements because we have helped make dreams come true and we have confirmed that we are ready to repeat the process, for you.


Individual house Vence (FR)

Individual house Lyon (FR)

Individual house Bacău (RO)

Individual house La Roche Posay 1 (FR)

Offices and warehouse Lyon (FR)

Individual house Nantes (FR)

Individual house Bacău 2 (RO)


"Seriousness, comfortable chat and professionals. Hats off."

Liviu Butnaru
    Liviu Butnaru


    "MiTek manufacturer, specialized in wooden structure constructions. Uses the latest technologies and equipment."

    Mitek România
      Mitek România


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      Do you want the wooden house of your dreams?

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      Traian Industrial Park, Main Street, No. 118, 607635 Traian, Bacău, Romania


      Traian Industrial Park, Main Street, No. 118, 607635 Traian, Bacău, Romania